JuggleAnim is free software, released under the GNU General Public License. We encourage others to include this applet in their own web pages; as you will see this is quite simple.


To use JuggleAnim in your page, you only need a single file from the JuggleAnim distribution, called JuggleAnim.jar. This Java ARchive includes a single applet class usable within a web page:

In addition to this applet, the following classes can be run as command line applications:
  • JuggleAnim.class, which is an application version of the applet. Use command line option "help" for a help message.

  • siteswapGenerator.class, which gives command line access to the siteswap generator. Use no command line options for a help message.

  • JuggleAnim applet parameters

    When used as an applet, JuggleAnim looks for five parameters within the <APPLET> tag. These are named config, pattern, patternfile, type, and title. All of these parameters are optional, and are set as follows:

    This parameter configures which interface elements are included in the animator. It is comprised of semicolon-separated settings, similar to the animator input format. Here, though, the list of possibilities is shorter:

    Tells the applet how to animate patterns. Allowed values are none (no animator), panel (animate in a panel attached to the applet), window (animate in a single detached window), and multiplewindows (multiple detached windows, for more than one animation at a time). The default is panel.
    Pattern generator to use. Currently the only option is siteswap. (Actually the generators are dynamically loaded, so if you wrote your own you could use it instead. When you specify generator=filename, the applet looks for a class file filenameGenerator.class and loads it.) The default is no generator.
    Include a single-line pattern input text box (true/false)? If there is a generator loaded all input is sent to it for interpretation before going to the animator. Otherwise, you can either type in siteswap (or sync siteswap) notation, or input directly to the animator in the same format used by the JuggleAnimApplet "input" parameter. The default value is false.
    Include a box to show lists of patterns (true/false)? If you are using a generator or viewing a pattern file then this will automatically be set to true, otherwise the default is false.

    If the applet is configured to have an animator, this parameter determines the initial pattern to animate. It is comprised of semicolon-separated settings; use the animator input format described in the input format documentation file.

    By specifying a URL as the value of this parameter, you are telling the applet to load the file and display its contents. The filename should be specified as a path relative to the HTML file containing the <APPLET> tag.

    The format of the pattern files is very simple: Each line is a separate pattern, and consists of an arbitrary-length label followed by one or more TAB characters, followed by instructions to be sent to the animator when the item is clicked. If there is no second field (after the tab), then the label still shows up in the listing but it is inactive.

    When type=window the applet opens in a separate window, so that the menus can be used. Otherwise it defaults to an embedded panel.

    If type=window, then this parameter specifies the title of the window.


    Look at the HTML files in the JuggleAnim distribution for examples of how you can use the applet within a web page.